Bronze Radio Return - Shake, Shake, Shake Video & Lyrics

Shake, Shake, Shake Lyrics

Bronze Radio Return

Line the room Find a drink and drain the glass as fast as you can think
to The cheap perfume In a room of people watching it intoxicates you They start to play Then they start to play
It shakes the floor It stings your ears, ballroom dancing  animationbut this is what we trade our hearing for The crowd stands still No one's moving, they'd just rather stand and wait until Someone starts to move Someone starts to move
Shake, shake, shake It's all what you make of it, take what you will You know, know, know your only mistake Is if you stand still So shake, shake, shake
It's all what you make of it, break it until You know, know, africa dancer animationknow your only Bettey Boo Dancing animation Conga Dancing  animation 
mistake Is if you stand still
flapper  animation  3 hula hula dancers animation
It's only up to you It's only up to you
Forget yourself dance  animationThis room is hot, trainers  animation  
but we can make it hotter with your help I'll dance with you cowboy boots  animation We'll dance together until everybody's geisher girl dancer  animationmoving toorock and roll  animation Everybody movesjitter bug  animation When everybody movesbrown shoes   animation
cowboy dancer  animation jive  animation
Chorus It's only up to you  coga dance animationIt's only up to you

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