Sophie Zelmani - I'm the Rain

A rainy fall day... my favorite time of year. I love the rain. I love how it gets dark and the wind blows, then comes the rumble of thunder. Makes me want to curl up with a blanket, pillow and a good book. ♥♥♥
Open your eyes now 
What do you see Isn't the view different It is to me   
The view of lovers Sometimes change 
 Some put the sun there
 Image result for animated rainSome make it rain
 Autumn rain  So peaceful, beautiful music - raindrops 
If you are the sun
 Beautiful Sunrises And Sunsets Photography.:  
 I'm the rain Look at the time now What do you feel  Don't you have to go now Away from me
 Im the rain 
The time for lovers Sometimes end Some kinds can be staying Mine must leave again   If you are the sun I'm the rain Look at the time now 
What do you feel  You were the sun And I was the rain 
 Raining Day 
Open and rise now Do I look the same 
  If you are the sun I'm the rain 
You are the sun I'm the rain You are the sun I'm the rainxx

Ladies Sunproof Umbrella Parasol Lace Flowers Pagoda-Shaped Victoria Style

by Outgeek

#1 New York Times bestselling author Nora Roberts brings us a classic story about the risks we will take when love is on the line....
They were like night and day. Ty Starbuck was a man known for his devastating good looks and volatile passions. Asher Wolfe was infamous for both her beauty and icy control. Together they had set the tennis world ablaze. Now, even after years apart, Asher realizes that she still loves Ty - deeply. But she knows if she reveals her secret, she could lose it all again... including Ty.
Rainy days no longer have to be so dull and gloomy. Kung Fu creative Stick Umbrella will cheer you up in any dismal weather. Made from sturdy steel and quality waterproof cloth, the umbrella is highly durable and capable of withstanding strong winds and rains. The umbrella is also great to use on sunny days, as it protects your skin from those burning UV rays. Black 100% Cotton. Decorative Battenburg Lace Umbrella/Sun Parasol. Size: 30" diameter, 27.5" length, 18" from one end of the fabric to the other. Straight Wooden Handle. Wooden Shaft in light natural wood color. Metal ribs. Sold by Lace-Parasols.Image result for animated rain
 Lightweight, elegant and classy! BLACK color. Beautiful adult Battenburg Lace Umbrella/Sun Parasol. Size: 30" diameter, 26" length. Straight wooden handle and wooden shaft in a light natural wood color. Metal ribs. 100% cotton. Great parasol for gothic enthusiasts! Offers decadent shelter from the sun. Used as sunshade, weddings, photography, theatrical performances, civil war reenactments, garden parties, parades, pageants, fun or fashion.Image result for animated rain
 The real Victorian bridal umbrella, red and white in stock now, dainty leatherette handle with ruffle, polyester fabric and manual opening, silver metal frame and ribs.Image result for animated rain

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